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Questions have been asked as to why samsungs products do not succeed as much as those of its competitors. In fact, most people argue that it is either a problem with their marketing strategies or the nature of their products. According to analysts, the success of Bada was significantly hampered by the companys overemphasis of hardware sales compared to software sales. In addition, the company always seems not to be persistent with its preferred strategies. For example, when Bada was not selling in the market, the company resorted to the Android, thereby alienating its developers. This move is said to have cost the company its top brains in technology as they resigned in protest at the fact that the focus was shifting to Android in spite of the fact that Bada was equally good product.

Extensive evidence shows that the company only took a few weeks to reach an agreement with several hotels and helped them install and use the devices. By the end of the Olympics, many people had purchased their own devices from several shops that the company had set all over the place. According to literature, the company has also considered the option of hiring a visa payment in order to ease the purchase of their devices. However, this has only earned them new neat customers, which will not benefit them in the long term. It has not been as effective in winning them the top position in as far as competition is concerned in the market. It remains to be seen if it will do further repackaging to its products or adopt the Apple style of retaining customers. Weakness, the company has recently focused on the international shipment of its product. This strategy is particularly aimed at widening its market base as well as popularizing its products in the market. In 2010, samsung was lauded for launching its own operating system that became popularly known as Bada. Since inception, the operating system is still struggling to find its place in the market. While Android has grown to command nearly 70 of the technology market, bada remains at a meager.

about dissertation

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This is where samsung should focus on even as competition continues to tighten up for the top position in the technology market. State essay of the company, strength. Currently, samsung is known for making swift and decisive steps unlike any other firm in the market. There is little doubt that it has the ability to rise up and put up a spirited fight for a space in the market. Recently, the company has entered into a number of partnerships that are geared towards building strong brands. For instance, the companys software has been installed in Thailand Hotel Fingi in order to provide guests at the hotel with registered electronic devices that they can use to open and shut their doors, light their rooms, turn of their television sets or book room. While guests only get to use this service for a short time, the company uses this as a way of promoting the devices, since increasing number of guests get to know about them. In fact, they took advantage of the advanced software during the recent Olympic Games to promote galaxy S3 in London.

about dissertation

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Such is the driving force which makes companies competitive each day. According to evidence in the literature, the most successful businesses only know how to communicate with their customers better than their competitors. In general, they do not really make goods and products that are exemplarily good. This is an idea that Samsung should take seriously if it intends to make it to the top of the market league. Indeed, no one can claim that Apple employs better engineers than does Samsung. However, the gap in their success rates cannot be ignored as it is real. While one struggles to keep afloat in the market, the other hardly spends an effort to be at the top. This simply implies that Samsung should change its current marketing strategies and do what others are doing even as they try to offer new products to their customers. Indeed, customers would really get to know the advantages of using certain products if the manufacturer did not take time to give them the details.

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about dissertation

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This move had been intended to give an impression that, samsung is equally doing lots of research on general data provision and that its loyal customers could soon get something good. While this may have been true, the reception in the market did not reflect in a positive response (Tony 2010). Instead of sales escalating, the opposite happened because Apple, launched one of the most advanced technologies of the moment at the same time. Essentially, apple managed to neutralize what Samsung had intended to be a significant boost to its sales. Indeed, the company has recently conceded that it is the galaxy s iii that has helped it remain a dominant player in the market. The other challenge that the company is dealing with is its poor marketing strategies.

It has been noted that Samsung produces quality products but they are not placed on the market effectively due inadequate marketing strategies. In 2011, for instance, the company moved towards overtaking Apple in the global shipment of Smartphone. However, the marketing advantage did not last because the same services have been offered before by other companies. The perception was that Samsung was attempting to repackage old technology and offer it as technological revolution in a bid to remain afloat in the market. This is one of the reasons why the much talked-about strategy did not remain relevant long enough to keep Samsung at the top of everyone. Analysts argue that Samsung should be keener while choosing its business partners so that they can hit the market running with modern technology that resonates well with its customers. It is important that the company should stop focusing too much on inventing new technologies, and pay more attention on commanding a significant portion of the global market. .

In fact, it has only succeeded in making the music Hub that combines downloadable music and streaming. However, this is only available to a few users of the galaxy x iii. This paper analyses how Samsung is equipped to tackle this challenge using the right business partnerships. In addition, it looks at the steps that have been taken by the company at corporate as well as international level aimed at gaining a competitive advantage over its main competitors. Finally, the paper will comment on the actual implementation of these ideas and proposals for future advancements.

Strategic Problem, customers loyalty remains the greatest problem that Samsung faces in its attempts to outdo its rival competitors in the market. While most of its competitors have established their brands that customers associate their products with, samsung has not made significant progress in this area. It is one of the reasons why Apple keeps poaching most of its best employees because it can certainly pay them much better. Nonetheless, lots of effort is being put by the company to raise its stakes regarding the stiff market competition. For instance, the company, in partnership with google, launched a smartphone supported by the Android operating system. The timing of the launch was strategically placed ahead of similar moves by its top rivals like motorola, nokia and Apple.

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This paper investigates the literature that is available on the samsung Company and the strategic issues that this company is facing. According to findings in the literature, samsung needs improve to do more in the fickle industry in order to keep its customers loyal. The company needs to stop merely selling communication devices to its customers and demystify the belief that Samsung is just a hardware company. Indeed, Apple has sufficiently established itself in this area and has significantly gained in customer loyalty. For example, apple offers downloadable programs, which are only accessible through their devices. These include the App Store that downloads programs as well as itunes for clear music (World Market Intelligence 2010). These programs are undoubtedly popular among users and serve as a binding tool for them to Apple devices. Meanwhile, attempts to offer similar services to its customers have been halted midway, thereby making it trail behind its rival competitors.

about dissertation

Because a conclusion that contradicts the introductory statement or remains indifferent from the thesis stated in the introduction, would make your dissertation completely pointless. Also, check whether all the sources have been cited without fail and if the information provided on the sources are all accurate. Dissertation editing, when done well, is a very time-consuming job; especially if you are not sure of resume what you are looking for. But think of the positive side it is the final part of the long dissertation writing procedure. You can also consider getting your dissertation edited by professionals, if you are not feeling up. The global significance of the technology industry cannot be overestimated. This industry is more dynamic compared to other industries. It constantly bears the brunt of numerous vagaries in the business macro-environment. Key players of the technology industry understand that planning and implementation of workable ideas is critical for its sustained success.

your dissertation. It should have an introduction, the literature or the body paragraphs and the conclusion. Each of these structural components should fit into the preferred word limits and also the content. While editing the structure, ensure that all the paragraphs including the introduction and the conclusion connect to each other well enough. Your document should be smooth flowing with one paragraph leading to another to form the conclusion. Another factor which should be included in your dissertation editing is how well your thesis statement matches with the literature and the conclusion. The thesis which is plainly stated in the introduction is to be established in the conclusion. If you cant find this connection between the introduction and conclusion of your document you should consider rewriting.

The verdict of the authorities will be based on various aspects including the contents, the structure, the grammatical perfection and flawless spellings. The writing style, the method of presentation etc are some of the other aspects of a dissertation which are used for judging the document. First and foremost, check whether your dissertation has managed to fit into all essay the instructions in the guidelines. There will be guidelines regarding the topic, the style, the type, the format and about many other aspects of your dissertation. Make sure that you have managed to stick to all the instructions. While at it, check the word or page limit as well. If the document has turned out to be too short, then find the best points and elaborate on them. Remember not to be repetitive while elaborating. On the other hand, if your document is too long, delete the less relevant parts or cut down on the description, wherever possible.

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If you are about to do a dissertation, you must be aware of the paper fact that it involves many stages of writing and rewriting before a final draft is ready. Editing is a very important part of the dissertation writing procedure. Even the most interesting contents will not be appreciated unless presented in a legible way. Hence, dissertation editing should most certainly be included in your research planning. Writing a dissertation is a rather lengthy procedure. It involves a lot of research and further on, documentation of the research findings. The facts put together by the researcher are to be presented to the selected audience for judgment. Before submitting the documents you will have to make sure that all the components are in place.

about dissertation
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