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Most of the inquiries I receive from individuals who want to construct their own boat indicate that they significantly underestimate the project size and cost. Often they are off by a factor of 2. While there are efficient, workaholic owner/builders who get a good boat built in 3 or 4 years, they are rare. Others either never start, never finish, or take 10 years to finish. Having built two boats myself for my own use i understand the desire but i also know the pain involved. Unfortunately, there are no real shortcuts in construction methods. There are yacht designers who promise fantastic results in half the time due to some hull construction method they have devised. That might be true for part of the project but invariably the labor gains made in one area contribute to labor losses in the remainder of the construction.

My yacht design business began in 1983 after I returned from a essay 2 year cruise on a 52' trimaran (Juniper) that I designed and built. I believe that cats and tris offer the cruising sailor the best combination of features for long distance cruising and am dedicated to developing the most advanced designs for fast, safe and comfortable cruising boats. My design drawings are accomplished with computer aid. Hulls, decks and crossbeams are modeled. . Construction drawings are cad based and carefully prepared; all the parts of the boat fit accurately together. This level of construction drawing takes a great deal of time to prepare but results in time saved in construction, and in higher quality throughout. Chris White designs are built professionally by a number of quality boatyards around the world but occasionally are constructed by qualified amateur builders. In every case i remain in close contact with the builder throughout the process. Whether you are looking for a stock or custom design, or even a second hand catamaran or trimaran, please call with your requirements. a note for amateur builders: It is difficult for owner/builders who have never built a boat before to realize how much work and money is involved building a quality boat.

designer statement

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At the very least, structural failures are usually expensive to fix- possibly extremely expensive if the boat is far away from the required facilities. But worse is the potential for personal injury as well as complete disruption of a long cruise. In some cases minor structural failures compound themselves to create even larger problems, causing the complete loss of the vessel. Therefore, i have small always considered it crucial that the essential structure and systems of a cruising boat, which by definition will sail far from home and be exposed to an enormous variety of conditions, be executed not only with a decent factor of safety but. This does not mean that the entire vessel should be overbuilt or unnecessarily heavy. Multihulls need to be strong and light in order to work well. But certain critical structural areas need to be amply strong to deal not only with the expected loads but also for the unexpected, unforeseen and unknown. I always design my boats with this in mind. I built my first trimaran in 1973 and have been involved with multihull sailing, design and construction ever since.

designer statement

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Appearance, cost, safety, performance, accommodation, ease of handling, resale value, maintenance and longevity are all very important factors to take into account when designing a boat. Successfully blending these conflicting requirements is the crux of yacht design. There is no magic formula, nor can a computer. First hand experience is crucial. Extensive cruising, racing and boat building experience are required background for quality yacht design. It is also very important for the designer to acknowledge from the outset of the design process that he does not know everything, nor can he possibly envision all the combinations of circumstances that could cause damage to the boat or injury to the crew. Many yacht designers wax poetic about their ability homework to calculate and predict every aspect of the performance their designs, thus claiming that they can create the optimum design. Unfortunately, the real world often treats optimum designs very harshly. When the unforeseen happens (and it will) the optimum design often fails catastrophically.

I engage both hemisphere of my brain empowering me to understand the complexities of the back-end and how best to integrate with the front-end.  I have extensive experience with back-end mvc, css and js frameworks which nowadays strongly influence your front-end user interfaces (UI). In addition, i am an graphic designer with extensive experience in Adobe Creative cloud suite of products including Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere.  having experience with the back-end programming strongly influences my front-end design choices and differentiates me as a graphic designer. Cruising sailboats are compromises in every sense. The boat that functions best tied to a dock often is the worst boat to take offshore. The great offshore boat often has features undesirable for lounging at anchor.

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to accommodate a variety of devices, ada accessibility and seo standards my designs are still functional without graphics. My designs are based on the purpose and goals of the project. A site must not only be polished but it must allow a user to achieve their primary goals for accessing your site. The layout and design is based on making it simple for the user to be successful. By identifying the project goals and creating measurable methods of gauging success I can ensure that the designs are achieving or surpassing their intended purpose. I am influenced by modern design practices and I find inspiration from browsing industry leading web enterprise designs and award winning sites. When I find intriguing designs, i reverse engineer them to see what frameworks were used and how the elements of the design were created.

I take the best of breed and create a combination of my favorite elements into a new design. By doing this I stay up-to-date on trends and continually challenge myself to evolve my abilities as a web and graphic designer. What makes me unique as a designer is i am also a full stack web developer. Most people focus on one side of the brain. They are either brilliant graphic designers or genius programmers.

I am an advocate of clean and legible designs preferably maximizing white space to give a more open and airy appearance.  i avoid clutter and follow more of a minimalist aesthetic. My typography and designs are responsive in that they resize based on the width of the screen and the spacing percentages or element stacking consistently maintains the relationship of the elements on the page. Typography, in general, must have excellent screen legibility using San Serif fonts for body text, and have visual hierarchy where larger, bolder fonts signify headings or importance. I believe in following the gestalt Principles, psychological visual perception principles, in my designs. Examples are using distance between elements, proximity and common region to signify relationship and grouping.

 I organize content areas that have similar functions, such as navigation, by using consistent size, color, font and orientation within my cascading style sheets (CSS). I manipulate the symmetry of a design in order to give emphasis to my call to Action items.  I use continuity within longer scroll pages to group information. A disruption in the continuity signals the end of a page segment and the beginning on new content. My graphic design within my web design is my metaphorical icing on the cake.  It enhances the aesthetics of the page but is not imperative to navigation or successful site outcomes.  The graphics assist with site branding, reinforcing important concepts or instilling trust as visual proof of items identified in the text.

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I want my designs to be universal in that they are accessible and usable to the greatest extent possible on a variety of technologies, by a diverse population with various physical capabilities and technology skills. My paperless designs are focused on being barrier-free offering equity in that they provide identical experiences and appeal to all users. I am a follower of Steve krugs philosophy of Dont make me think. My designs are easy to understand, regardless of the users experience or concentration level. Examples of Dont make me think include following best practices for navigation, symbolic conventions for icons and ensuring the users always knows where they are within the site through navigational highlights, breadcrumbs and headers. My designs also provide tolerance for error in that I try to protect users from accidentally engaging in unintended actions. My style is about having precision in placement and balance in my designs. Elements must be distributed on a page using a grid system to allow for precision in placement. The elements of the page must be balanced but also weighted based on importance.

designer statement

Everything that its involved in the Art field by definition surrounds me in a natural and personal way, where i often offer my dedication. My life path revealed Architecture, i was wrapped in its beauty and simplicity of design, drawing, conceptual thinking, freedom of thought and inherent poetry in detail, finding beauty in physical construction. I find the most self-balanced state in my work by drawing, reading, finding images and shapes that divulge me, in small sculptures that embody personal images and transforms the space around. Abstractionism in all its dimensions absorbs me and gives me the energy our and force to carry on my path. Lives and works in Porto, portugal. Exhibitions and Participations (2016) February, affordable Art fair / Brussels, via galeria gaudi (Madrid) (2012) July, collective exhibition entitle subtleties, at the The Brick lane gallery (London). Main Websites m/angelamonteiro m/angelamonteiro t/angela-monteiro. Created: may 2018, as a graphic and web designer, my focus is discovering a projects purpose, finding the balance between form and function, removing barriers, embracing best practices, gauging success and continually evolving. My goal is always to create aesthetically pleasing but functional designs with intuitive user interfaces (UI) that adhere to web standards.

ze 6 designových podtácků jsou vyryté myšlenky jejich tvůrce, designéra paula Smithe. Základní rozměry výška 3 cm průměr 8,5 cm, materiál nerezová ocel. (1984) Born in Porto, portugal, education (2010) Integrated Master's degree in Architecture by esap, porto (2015) Degree in Conservation and Restoration, ucp - catholic University of Porto. Personal Statement, the professional and academic path has always been structured and developed in parallel with the Art field, having always a straight connection with. The artwork developed since 2011 is based on structuring forms and colors in a way that they form a still image of a subject in motion. This subject the main focus of the painting - can be an emotion, a meditative state, a personal situation occurred or simply a thought or an idea that suddenly appears in the canvas and its demanding for a physical existence. I've always been influenced by everything that has irony, beauty and truth.

How can the discoveries we have made over the course of hippie the semester be applied to the way we think of and portray ourselves as artists and designers? Where will we take our research in the context of our Senior Theses? How might we use our Research Presentations in the future? How could they be adjusted and developed for professional venues? Take advantage of our promotional discount displayed on the website and geiscount for your paper now! Bytové doplňky podnosy a etažéry podtácky a podšálky. Zpět, home bytové doplňky podnosy a etažéry podtácky a podšálky / Sada 6 podtácků statement, prodej skončil. Ukončený prodej, sada 6 podtácků statement, na každém ze 6 designových podtácků jsou vyryté myšlenky jejich tvůrce, designéra paula Smithe.

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Top 10 statement designer boots for AW17 Global Blue. We pick 10 of the best statement designer boots for autumn/winter 2017 from the chic ankle boots to thigh skimming over-the-knee boots. Pick between vibrant colour clashes, applique patterned designs and glitter embellished boots for a striking look this season. Update your footwear this season with our pick of the most vibrant designer boots to make a statement. . Whether your autumn/winter 2017 style is a low ankle boot, a block heel knee high boot, or show-stopping over-the-knee style, we've got the perfect selection to make a stylish entrance this season. The designer Statement revisited the collection StatementIn light of the research and progress made over the semester, we will revisit the long designer statements composed and revise them with the goal of condensing them into a succinct statement that is appropriate for publication on social. We will then discuss drafting a collection statement and how to utilise components of the designer statement for this purpose. Finally, we will end this seminar by reflecting on the course with the following questions: How has this project informed who we are as thinkers and makers?

designer statement
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Make a statement Statement pieces Only One on the Planet. Only One on the Planet. This crafty consigner has your statement necklace needs covered.

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  1. Statement designéra, paula Smithe. Control a full cycle of work: from the statement of the problem to its implementation;. For all you artistic folks who crave a one of a kind statement bracelet, this is for you. Stoll creates another incredible.

  2. for the designer to acknowledge from the outset of the design process that he does not know everything, nor can he possibly envision. Buy cleo triangular Prism Cut Blue stone. Designer, statement, necklace Cleo triangular Prism Cut Blue stone. Elegantní sada 6 podtácků z černé nerozové ocele ze série.

  3. Shop our online store. Na každém ze 6 designových podtácků jsou vyryté myšlenky jejich tvůrce, designéra, paula Smithe. Série, statement je jeho inovativním.

  4. We pick 10 of the best statement designer boots for autumn/winter 2017 from the chic ankle boots to thigh skimming over-the-knee boots. With the whole gg logo gucci belt fashion frenzy, which of course i gave into, has brought a new outlook towards this statement. Home About me, designer, statement and web designer, my focus is discovering a projects purpose, finding the balance between form and. Tina barry designs offers big and bold statement jewelry including handmade necklaces, earrings bracelets.

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