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Then I rushed to the bathroom for a bath and brushed my teeth. After that, i got dressed smartly ready for the days activities and i also cleaned and combed my hair. This was very important because cleanliness is second to godliness and it would lead to great success because in God, there is success that is very eternal and long lasting. At half past seven, i went to my work place. I worked as an accountant in a private company that dealt with the manufacturing and marketing of cosmetic products. I took the bus to my work place. However it is a long way from home and the traffic congestion holds me down. The traffic congestion is the saturation of vehicles as the number of vehicles increase and they compete for the available road capacity.

Life and death became more than just words. They had a special meaning with a lot of motivation behind them. From that day on I have spent more time spelling flowers and having fun, because i know one day i will not be able. Every day i wake up at six in the morning and this particular day was no exception and by six in the morning I was already awake. I had made this my principle because of the statement that states that the early bird catches the worm and hence i needed to about be successful and hardworking. First I reached out for my bible that was just next to the bed and on this particular day, i opened the bible in the book of Psalms 145 and then read verse 5 and. This verse reminded me to meditate on the majestic, glorious splendor of the wonderful miracles that he had performed and will continue performing. It continued to say that these praises to him should be on every tongue because everyone had seen the miracles that the lord has performed. It then concluded that all people will proclaim of the greatness of our father. I then bowed down for a word of prayer to thank the lord and ask for His guidance and his protection throughout the day. Afterwards, i went to the kitchen and prepared a cup of tea and served it with a toast for my breakfast.

my unforgettable day essay

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The coroner then hid the body under a thick vinyl plastic sheet. When the body was removed from the room I was still not at ease. I felt that maybe i should have done more, or done something differently. This was the first time i have ever had an experience with a dead body on the job. Hospital workers always say, you encounter many, but your first one is always the unforgettable. After experiencing this event, i spent a lot of time with myself thinking. Thinking about how precious life really. I began to think of how important it is for me to experience everything that I want to, for one day i would run out of time.


my unforgettable day essay

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I was about to remove the oxygen tubing from the patients nose when I felt that this man was still alive and watching. I became extremely nervous. It looked as he was analyzing our hospital procedures. I started trembling as I removed the bloody towel off the bed. His eyes were still half shut as I tried to avoid any eye contact. In my mind I was telling myself that this man was just sleeping and not to worry. Ten minuets later, a coroner arrived pushing in an old black stretcher. He asked me to help him lift the body up with the under sheets onto a hard board.

She wanted me to clean the body before the coroner would arrive. Before cleaning the body, i first had to remove the iv line out of patients left arm. Removing the iv itself was an experience. I did not imagine that a dead person would still bleed. Being unprepared for the stream of blood, a puddle splashed out onto the spotless, white tile floor. I grabbed a towel immediately and began applying pressure to the iv site. After a few minutes, i tried sticking a band-aide on the cut, but blood still came gushing out.

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my unforgettable day essay

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I reported to the nurses that I was unable to find a pulse and the patients respiration rate could not be seen. As I backed off two nurses came racing up to the patient trying to locate a pulse. Nothing, nothing, a nurse concluded as two of them began performing cpr. Within five extremely long minutes, the oldest nurse whispered, Its too late. Right on the spot, the nurse had pronounced the patient dead. I could not believe this scene was actually taking place.

For the first time i saw a human die right in front of my own eyes. The death to me did not sink in my head, until a nurse ordered me to call the funeral home, while she would be talking to the family. When I hung up the phone i was again in the room alone with a corpse who reviews seemed to just stare. The room now seemed to carry a different indescribable scent that I will never forget. Nurse jane then walked in the room.

Regardless, i could not think straight. I could not move as I started to panic. I looked around before i noticed that I was the only help available. I then all at once, ran out of the room, screaming for help to any one that would be able to hear me, code Blue, code Blue, room 219 now! Running back into the room, i stepped behind the bed and pulled the call light on again. The high pitched sound was louder than ever.

I stood there waiting, it seemed forever not knowing exactly what I should be doing. The young lady relative was looking at me expecting that I would bring this man back to life. I wanted to do just that, but I did not know exactly how. Finally, two registered nurses and then a third came veering into the room. Whats happening?, the first nurse exclaimed. The man just stopped breathing, i announced to every one.

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He is going, something happened, do something, do something now!, demanded the distressed lady standing right at the bed side. I had seen this man before, although I had never spoken to him. I had know idea that he was not in a mom stable health. All right, all right, i replied in frustration, not knowing exactly what to do first. I looked at the 84 year old overweight male patient. He appeared very pale with his brown colored eyes half shut looking desperately at me for some sort of review help. My mind was becoming blank, as I could not believe what I was about to experience. In training we were told this could happen from time, to time, but I never thought with. We were also told how to deal with the death of a patient, although I never thought I would be a part in this type of situation.

my unforgettable day essay

The hospital was a great place for me to experience the beauty of life and the unwanted death of humans. Throughout my year of employment at the community hospital, i was able to enjoy my work by interacting with many kinds of interesting patients. Without the hospital, i would have never imagined to be carrying on conversations with most of these people. Aiding curses literature required many long exhilarating hours of work each day, but I loved experiencing the daily recovery of patients, in which I was able to be some part. The night of August sixth became a different story. Just as my shift was coming to a normal close, a nurses call light from one of the patients rooms had illuminated. On one of my many repetitive walks down from the station to a patients room, i had nothing else on my mind except for my evening plans with friends. I was extremely happy that this would surely be the last call light I would be answering that shift. As i entered the room, a crying relative came yelling.

write back and let me know what you have been up to since i heard from you last. Lots of love, relina. Creative writing: The Unforgettable man Essay, research Paper. Creative writing: The Unforgettable man, derek achterfeldt, eng 101 10/14/96. Remembered event revision, being an orderly at Scottsdale memorial Hospital was a fun job that required a strong heart.

The television broke down just two days after my vacation started. I felt bummed out as my sister annihilated the its screen by throwing her football; unfortunately write the machinist declared that it would take at least two weeks for its maintenance. Consequently, i joined a chess sessions in the club, which is situated a street away from my houses. I acquired various skills from playing chess as it requires quick-wittedness and intelligence. Moreover, i enjoyed reading Charles Dickens novels. His epic stories, vivid characters and contemporary life are unforgettable. After a long string of bad luck, i finally got a lucky break.

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You like to watch television every day. At the beginning of tree the school holidays your television suddenly broke down. It took two weeks to repair. Write a letter to a friend, explaining: how you first reacted to the breakdown of the television; how you spent your time instead of watching television; what you learnt from the experience (criteria of marking on the last two pages.) m/CIE/C._s12_ms_21.pdf, dear Amy, how are. I hope you are doing well. Sorry, i have taken so long to write. Anyways, i thought I would drop you a line to let you know all about my school holiday.

my unforgettable day essay
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  1. One day, my supervisor told everyone that actors will make a movie in our restaurant. Free essays on The most Memorable. Day, of, my, life. Get help with your writing.

  2. His epic stories, vivid characters and contemporary life are unforgettable. Thread: please check and rate my essay. I admit that other activities rather than television made my day. My unforgettable first movie with my favorite actors happened in the summer of 1979.

  3. Create an, unforgettable, photo, essay. Whether youre preserving the memory of a special day or creating a more artistic statement, a photo essay can turn your images into a powerful story. Unforgettable, man, essay, research Paper. Aiding curses required many long exhilarating hours of work each day, but.

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