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The course is quite affordable, ez battery reconditioning guide is available for less than. If you consider the value you are getting from the course you will agree that it is a steal for that price. There is of course the cost of materials you will need to start restoring batteries, but fortunately you may even be having some of them in your garage or kitchen already. Simple learning curve, tom Ericsons course is easy to follow along and understand. If you are a visual learner, youll have an easy time understanding the process because the guide contains colorful pictures and diagrams. It comes with a 60 days refund policy 60 days refund policy.

Rather than dump batteries, we should be recycling, if not reconditioning batteries, to keep our environment clean and live healthy lives. Reconditioning batteries saves you money, wonder how much money you can save by reconditioning batteries? This free video will show you more! This is actually self explanatory. Ask yourself how much you spend on car batteries and the answer could be anywhere business between 100 and 500 depending on the type or model of the car you drive. If you knew how to restore your grandparent car battery and other batteries in your home, wouldnt you be making significant savings every year? Its an easy course that wont take much of your time. The course teaches how to restore a battery in, according to tom Ericson, between 10 and 20 minutes. Customers who used the course for the first time said they took less than an hour to recondition a battery. The entire process will not take up much of your time.

review your business

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Dumping old batteries rather than reconditioning and reusing them destroys the environment as the dumped batteries are bound to rot and release toxins in the atmosphere. Why dont we take a look at some of the pros report and cons of the ez battery reconditioning guide just to give you a clearer picture of the course? Environmental preservation, studies show that on average each person in the United States discards eight batteries every year. In our opinion, that is still a very conservative figure given the billions of battery operated devices in the market today. ( 1 eight batteries in a year may not seem a lot, but on a large scale, given the huge population of the us, we are talking of billions of old batteries being dumped every year. Keep in mind, batteries contain chemicals such as lead and cadmium which seep into the ground contaminating the soil or the surface water. The chemicals eventually end up in plants and animals that we eat.

review your business

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He takes you by hand and starts by teaching you all the common, and not so common, types of batteries such as car batteries, laptop batteries, rechargeable batteries, and long-life batteries just to mention a few. He describes core features of each type of battery and more importantly how to maintain batteries in good health. You learn much more about different batteries and their lifespan. Every aspect discussed in the course is accompanied by clear graphic illustrations and images to help you digest the information better. Free guide by tom improve Ericson : 7 ways to prolong The life Of deep Cycle lead-Acid Batteries. The course is packed with plenty of benefits for every man or woman out there who uses batteries, which begs the question: Who doesnt use one form or another of batteries every day? This is a course for everyone who is keen on lowering their power bills, saving energy, and maintaining a clean toxin-free environment.

It is also worth mentioning that Tom Ericson is currently giving a special bonus guide for each customer who buys his course. The value-packed bonus, known as making Money restoring Batteries tells you exactly where you can lay your hands on free old batteries that you can recondition and sell for big profits. The ez battery reconditioning guide is a full course that teaches even the least technical-savvy individual how to restore old batteries and make them useful once more. The course is available as a step by step guide in 21 chapters of valuable fluff-free content. Though the entire guide, you will learn everything you need to know about batteries and how to recondition old or even dead ones. The guide includes detailed illustrations and pictures to assist you understand the concepts discussed with ease. It is not called ez for nothing. The guide not only teaches you how to restore batteries but goes further to show you in very clear terms how you can start a profit-pulling battery reconditioning business. Tom Ericson is a good teacher.

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review your business

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The methods detailed in the ez battery reconditioning guide teach you how you can easily revive used batteries from your car, laptop, cell phone, golf cart, solar panels and many more devices used at home or workplace. Check out ez battery guide latest price here. Without running the risk of review giving away most of the good writing stuff in Tom Ericsons useful course, here are just a few of the key things youll learn from the ez battery reconditioning guide: never revealed before techniques that you can use to revive almost. Valuable tips on how to use a multimeter to determine if an old or dead battery can be reconditioned. This helps you sort the good from the bad quite easily.

Useful details on how and where you can source for inexpensive or even free old batteries that you can restore. This is especially useful if you use solar panels or any other alternative energy device. He tells you all the materials you need to start your battery restoring project. More importantly, you get to learn about batteries; how to tell good ones that are repairable from irreparable ones before you buy your next pack. This is a great money saver. How you can start a battery restoration business and much more.

EZ battery reconditioning review, contents, what is battery reconditioning? If you had an old car and thought of taking it out for a spin one day only to realize its battery is long dead, what would you do? Would you spend more money on a new battery or simply bring the old battery back to life from the comforts of your garage? Well, the latter option sounds more appealing, and a great money saver. This is what battery reconditioning is all about.

It is a course that shows you why you should stop throwing away old batteries prematurely and instead restore them back to life with ease. Reconditioning batteries has numerous benefits, both economically and ecologically. You can even recondition batteries for others for a fee and make money or simply look for prematurely discarded batteries, bring them back to life, and sell them off for a hefty profit. Ez battery reconditioning is a course created by tom Ericson, who is well known as a former employee in a golf cart company. The course is a well researched and detailed guide that shows you how you can easily recondition old dead batteries and bring them back to life again. Reconditioning batteries that were probably dead and forgotten, if not thrown away yet, not only saves you money, but can be a lucrative business too. You can revive the batteries and sell them for a huge profit.

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Joseph Campbells work that enduring stories tend to share a dramatic arc in which a character struggles and eventually finds heretofore unknown wood abilities and uses these to triumph over adversity; my work shows that the brain is highly attracted to this story style. Finally, dont forget that your organization has its own story its founding myth. An effective way to communicate transcendent purpose is by sharing that tale. What passion led the founder(s) to risk health and wealth to start the enterprise? Why was it so important, and what barriers had to be overcome? These are the stories that, repeated over and over, stay core to the organizations dna. They provide guidance for daily decision-making as well as the motivation that comes with the conviction that the organizations work must go on, and needs everyones full engagement to make a difference in peoples lives. When you want to motivate, persuade, or be remembered, start with a story of human struggle and eventual triumph. It will capture peoples hearts by first attracting their brains.

review your business

How does it change the lab world or improve lives? How will people feel when it is complete? These are the components that make information persuasive and memorable. My research has also shown that stories are useful inside organizations. We know that people are substantially more motivated by their organizations transcendent purpose (how it improves lives) than by its transactional purpose (how it sells goods and services). Transcendent purpose is effectively communicated through stories for example, by describing the pitiable situations of actual, named customers and how their problems were solved by your efforts. Make your people empathize with the pain the customer experiened and they will also feel the pleasure of its resolution all the more if some heroics went in to reducing suffering or struggle, or producing joy. Many of us know from.

up to one thousand times per second.) we discovered that, in order to motivate a desire to help others, a story must first sustain attention a scarce resource in the brain by developing. If the story is able to create that tension then it is likely that attentive viewers/listeners will come to share the emotions of the characters in it, and after it ends, likely to continue mimicking the feelings and behaviors of those characters. This explains the feeling of dominance you have after James Bond saves the world, and your motivation to work out after watching the Spartans fight in 300. These findings on the neurobiology of storytelling are relevant to business settings. For example, my experiments show that character-driven stories with emotional content result in a better understanding of the key points a speaker wishes to make and enable better recall of these points weeks later. In terms of making impact, this blows the standard PowerPoint presentation to bits. I advise business people to begin every presentation with a compelling, human-scale story. Why should customers or a person on the street care about the project you are proposing?

A decade ago, my lab discovered that a neurochemical called oxytocin is a key its safe to approach others signal in the brain. Oxytocin is produced when we are trusted or shown a kindness, and it motivates cooperation with others. It does this by enhancing the sense of empathy, our ability to experience others emotions. Empathy is important for social creatures because it allows us to understand how others are likely to react to a situation, including those with whom we work. More recently my lab wondered if we could hack the oxytocin system to motivate people to engage in cooperative behaviors. To do this, we tested if narratives shot on video, rather than homework face-to-face interactions, would cause the brain to make oxytocin. By taking blood draws before and after the narrative, we found that character-driven stories do consistently cause oxytocin synthesis. Further, the amount of oxytocin released by the brain predicted how much people were willing to help others; for example, donating money to a charity associated with the narrative.

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It is quiet and dark. The theater is hushed. James Bond skirts along the edge of a building as his enemy takes aim. Here in the audience, heart rates increase and palms sweat. I know this to be true because instead of enjoying the movie myself, i am measuring the brain activity of a dozen viewers. For me, excitement has a different source: i am watching an amazing neural ballet in which a story line changes the activity of peoples brains. Many business people have already discovered the power of storytelling in a practical sense they have observed how compelling a well-constructed narrative can. But recent scientific work is putting a much finer point on just how stories change our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. As social review creatures, we depend on others for our survival and happiness.

review your business
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  2. The theater is hushed. James Bond skirts along the edge of a building as his enemy takes aim. Here in the audience, heart rates increase and palms sweat. I know this to be true because instead of enjoying the movie myself, i am measuring the brain activity of a dozen viewers.

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