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What kind of content do we publish? Each month, we produce a hub. We focus our energies on one topic, creating content across articles and books that provide readers with a linear path to competency in that skill. In recent months, weve created hubs covering react, web performance, and analytics. In future months, well be looking at subjects like node, angular, ux prototyping and vue. We add to our list of planned hubs as each quarter progresses.

Do we have any guest post quality guidelines? First of all, if you want to reviews add a guest post it must be original content that was not previously published elsewhere. Secondly, make sure it's about something new that wasn't already covered by dozens of other sites and authors. We are looking for unique, inspiring ideas and topics that will engage our readers. Using recent and unique information in your article is also a key factor. Since its humble beginnings in 1999, sitepoint was created to inform, inspire renz and engage the web community through informative content. Weve amassed more than 10 million readers per month and produced more than 10,000 books and articles combined. We always welcome having new writers join our contributor pool. They must have a strong desire to produce quality content with actionable advice that readers can apply in their own projects. In return, we pay our writers above industry rates for their work.

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File sharing software, it management, development and security software. Marketing software, business intelligence software, customer support software, shopping cart and ecommerce software. Hr essay management software, sales and marketing software, learning management systems. Before you submit a guest blog post idea make sure you read through articles we have published in the past to get a good grasp of what type of content we use. How long should your guest post be? We have no strict limit on the article's length. Just make it as long as it should. That being said most post tend to have between 10 words. Anything less and the post is usually not detailed enough.

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We won't be accepting guest posts that don't meet the requirements listed below. FinancesOnline writes primarily about B2b, saas and B2C related topics, but we also accept interesting and useful guest posts about other types of software and various online services in general including financial topics and solutions. You can interests consult our author profiles (Robin, Alex, martin and Julia) to get more ideas on interesting content we published in the past. We are particularly interested in: News articles, how-to guides, guides and other practical advice for businesses. Case studies, summaries of recent research reports, information about startups. Reviews of B2B products, opinion pieces, we're mostly interested in articles related to specific types of saas solutions such as: Project management software. Accounting and finance management software, binary options brokers, help desk software. Hosting services, collaboration software, cRM software, communications software.

Although you probably know why guest posts are a great idea here's a quick summary of how you can benefit from becoming a contributor. You can share your ideas with 1000s of people that visit our site every day. You can tell people about your company and promote your brand. You can get quality links to your own website. You can establish contact with valuable writers editors. We are the fastest growing B2b saas software marketplace in the world. What kind of content should you submit? That is the essential part of our guest post guidelines. Our site focuses on a specific range of topics so please make sure you read these submission guidelines carefully.

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Step 2, you will get a reply no matter if you will be accepted or not in maximum 48 hours. If we like your idea and it fits all the requirements, you can start the writing. However, if you havent paid attention to step 1, we will let you know. Step 3, after you will be accepted you can start writing, and email the final article in a word document file or in html. The article will get published in a few days after sending.

If the article is not good enough, we will let you know so you can post it somewhere else. Step 4, your article is live! It will be shared on our social accounts, and we expect you to do the same. If you are doing this only for seo purposes, dont bother, because all our backlinks are nofollow. Here at FinancesOnline we often receive questions from people who want to submit content on B2b, saas or finance friend related topics for our website. If you would like to become a contributor we have some submission guidelines you have to follow and a few requirements you will need to meet. Why write guest posts for us?

Your article must be at least 750 words. However, we encourage longer articles. Your articles must contain bullet points or numbered lists. You can provide the article in a word document or html. Articles must be written in perfect English.

You must write useful and interesting articles. The better the article it is, the more traffic and value you will get. After your article will be published, you have to share the link on your social accounts. The steps to submit a guest post on ResumeOK. Step 1, before writing a guest post, contact us with the following: Add in the subject line: guest post request for ResumeOK. Title of the article you want to write. A short summary of what you want to write about. Links of examples of guest posts you have written before. Links to your social accounts: Twitter, google Plus, facebook (we only accept guest posts from real people).

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Yesno, has the essays Article been Published Elsewhere? We want and need you to write for m! If evernote you are a good native english writer that understands the opportunity to write a guest post on our website, please read the following conditions to apply. What you can read in this article. The topics you can choose from. Human resources, jobs, resume writing, these are the requirements to write a guest post on ResumeOK. You must be a real person (provide us your social account links).

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To assist in fact-checking and aid transparency for readers, we would like all assertions or references to factual events to contain a hyperlink (which doesnt have to be to an English-language source) or to clearly cite the source of the information. If you seek compensation, please indicate this clearly in your pitch, and whether the article has been published elsewhere, and if so, in what language and in which publication. Any payment must be agreed by the newsroom surfers in advance. We will not pay a kill fee for stories that have not been explicitly commissioned. Because of the large volume of submissions, we will contact you only if your piece is accepted. If you do not hear from us within three business days, please feel free to submit your article to other publications. Please submit your article or pitch just once. Should the newsroom not accept your piece, please feel free to approach the Insights editor. Attach file (Word or pdf are you seeking Remuneration?

below. Important Notes: Its always better to pitch an idea first, rather than invest time and effort only to be disappointed by a rejection. For paid content, we are seeking original reporting and analysis, but will also consider commentary from time to time. If you are seeking a platform to let the world know about your views, please consider an approach to the Insights section. The ideal length for news stories is about 600 words. They should address one main idea or theme and not attempt to wrap multiple, complex stories into a lengthy mainbar. We will also consider packages or series of stories addressing a common theme or topic. Please submit completed articles as a word document rather than a pdf.

Get specific marketing career advice here. Digital Marketing, digital marketing tips, knowledge and experience from digital marketing pros. You will find plenty of useful insights from battle-hardened veterans who know their stuff. Topics in this category reflect the type of training we provide and may include: search marketing (seo and ppc mobile marketing. Social media marketing, make conversion optimisation, email marketing, ecommerce. Data analytics, and more! Its a grads life, our lifestyle blog written by grads, for grads.

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We write on a number of topics all designed to make life easier for a recent graduate who is looking to work in digital. If you have experience that could help someone else, or your have a story to tell please get in touch. The topics we write on are: tree How I started, personal accounts and how tos on getting started in the industry. We all have to start somewhere. Your Job search, how can you get a grad job in digital marketing? Your job search, from how to structure your cv and cover letter, to how to ace your first job interview. Once youve got the job, how can you stay current and fresh in an industry that's constantly upgrading itself?

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Write for the audience and not search engines but do seo. Link the post to previous relevant articles. Got something to say?

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