Road safety essay

Essay on, road, safety for Children and Students

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road safety essay

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road safety essay

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Shifts can be either day or night shifts. Night shifts are equally important to the day working hours since they ensure that patients have access to proper care and any medication to be taken during the night is administered. In addition, emergencies during the night can be well covered. Nurses should work according to their allocated hours to avoid any workload that causes fatigue, which may affect the safety of patients. Therefore, schedules and shifts assist the nurses to be in good conditions; hence, they perform their work effectively. It is also advisable to have working schedules that are continually alternating to reduce monotony of work.

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road safety essay

An essay on road safety - proposal, cv dissertation

The nurses used the blood in store to provide the lady with blood in the shortest time possible. It instead was later realized that the blood was wrongly labeled, and it was blood group O but with hiv aids virus. Thus, the lady was infected with hiv/aids. This incident was triggered due to confusion in the hospital and lack of emergency planning systems plan that can accommodate patients during emergency. It led to wrong label and thus, wrong blood transfusion. This incident had unexpected outcome to the patient by contracting hiv/aids virus rather than to restore her health.

Alongside with nursing shortages, unplanned work systems also contribute to the increased workload for nurses. These issues may place the safety of patients at risk. Therefore, hospitals should design proper work systems and ensure that nurses are adequate to manage medical care services effectively. It enables nurses to operate efficiently and the safety of patients is safeguarded. In addition, the management should describe and create models that will consider the human factors to protect the interests of nurses in order to reduce turnover in the nursing career. For safety of patients, supervisors should also prepare proper schedules and shifts that are proportional to their departments to ensure that employees are not loaded with work.

Moreover, errors can happen when blood is requested for the wrong patients. The blood samples requested for patients may not be the required blood by the patients and thus, this cause error during blood transfusion. In addition, other blood components may be requested for wrong patients. It causes errors in blood transfusion that may eventually lead to adverse effects on the safety of the patients. As the supervisor of such incidences, i would ensure that there are proper plans and strategies implemented.

I would also encourage critical thinking in service provision in the medical facility (Rubenfeld scheffer, 2010). Supervisors must ensure that there enough nurses to handle all the matters in the hospitals. Nurses' work overload has contributed to the errors that occur in the hospitals during medical operations. Heavy work allocated to nurses negatively influences the safety of the patients. In addition, it affects job satisfaction of nurses as their career and thus, it has led to increased turnovers that create shortage of nurses. In a nearby road, an accident occurred, where due to many injuries and other critical conditions patients needed blood transfusion. A young lady, who needed blood sample o, was among the patients.

Road, safety, road, safety, for Kids, safety

Errors in blood way transfusion may lead to unintended results that include giving patients the wrong type of blood that was not allocated to the patient, giving blood to wrong patients, transfusion of outdated blood samples, and transfusion of hiv positive blood samples. This situation happens when the nurses write during their normal blood transfusion process make errors (Wachter, 2007). These errors may further lead to serious complications influencing the safety of the patients. Moreover, wrong blood transfusion may lead to death due to some medical cases such as blood clotting. The incidence of errors during blood transfusion puts the safety of the patients at stake. It happens in the process of nurses operations as they perform blood transfusion. Error in blood transfusion can occur due to the following reasons: blood samples not labeled their respective patients details. It happens when blood samples are not labeled accordingly and thus, eventually blood transfusion is done with the wrong blood samples.

road safety essay

There is also a need to provide well-maintained, safe and efficient public transport systems, particularly in developing nations. Fingerprint identification systems, similar to those in laptop computers, could be used in each vehicle, with reviews each vehicle responding only to a programmed set of fingerprints. For any effective change in the safety of our roads, however, we need to consciously change our attitudes towards providing safer roads- not just for ourselves or for young people, but for everyone. Some incidences can affect the safety of patients. Occurrence of blood transfusion errors is one of the incidents that may affect the safety of the patient. If any errors occur during blood transfusion, the intended outcome of transfusion may be altered as the obtained results do not reflect the medical situation. Eventually, it may lead to patients' medical complication.

provide an incentive for many children to follow road safety rules. Road safety education programmes can also be extended to adults at the workplace, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This would hold particular importance for parents, and efforts must be made to involve them as much as possible. Legislation and policies, there is a need for stricter licensing laws, particularly with regard to public transport operators. Laws could require prominent display of the drivers license on his/her vehicle while driving, in addition to safety regulations (such as adequate maintenance and the use of the seatbelt) and random breath testing policies. Policies could provide for the creation of better roads and pavements, supervised playing areas for children and monitored crossings near schools. Citizens must campaign for safer, wider roads and better sidewalks to limit accidents. Speed governors in each vehicle would provide a low-cost solution to speeding.

1.2 million die in road accidents each year. A child is killed in an accident dissertation every three minutes. Road safety is increasingly becoming a major killer and a worldwide concern, particularly for young people. What can we do to address the issue? Media management, the media has been a largely overlooked factor in creating road safety awareness. Celebrity endorsements, coupled with television messages on prime-time slots and peer education programmes would provide an accessible and engaging means of promoting awareness, particularly among young people. They would convey the message that safe driving is cool driving, and constantly reinforce that drunken driving, using a cell phone on the road and driving without a seatbelt (or helmet) are not only dangerous, but seriously unfashionable.

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First un global road Safety week (23 - ). World youth Assembly, as part of the activities for the first un global road Safety week, the world health Organization and unicef invited children from all over the world to participate in a creative writing competition on the theme: What can be done to improve. The competition was for young people aged 10 to 24 years and evaluation criteria depended on the creative expression and how well the theme shakespeare of the competition was expressed. Sixteen year old Anupama kumar from India won first prize and attended the world youth Assembly to receive her award. As part of her prize, her essay will be published in the upcoming who/unicef. World report on child and adolescent injury prevention. You can read more about this competition on the. Winning Essay, winner of the road Safety Essay competition, Anupama Kumar, kerala, india. What can we do to improve road safety for children and adolescents?

road safety essay
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  3. Road, safety, tips, Slogans, Essay, painting etc should be conducted for various categories of students. The app that gives Oslo s children a direct say over their own road safety. Highways England closes stretch of M20 to remove damaged footbridge.

  4. Essay topics science fiction. Safety essay writing service. In a nearby road, an accident occurred, where due to many injuries and other critical conditions patients needed blood transfusion.

  5. Road, safety, essays Children. Essay my aim in life for class. Road, safety, essay, research Paper, road, safetyit.

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  7. Global, road, safety, essay, competition. Working Party on, road. Traffic, safety (WP.1) Working and Informal Documents.

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