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I am an excellent communicator with a talent for explaining difficult technical subject matter. I am a big picture planner who doesnt neglect the details during execution.  I am an expert self-educator; I have worked in a variety of industries; and i am a hands-on leader. I am available for consulting. Please review my qualifications below and contact me today for more information. Programming Languages : i use c, perl, php, javascript, sql, and bourne shell extensively. I have experience with many others including Python, ruby, c, java, tcl, max/msp, pascal, basic, lisp, some flavors of assembly, and several domain specific languages. Protocols and Standards : i am solidly grounded in most web-related standards including http, html, xml, and css.

Austin keeps 30 of its graduates, while 11 desk go to houston and 9 go to dallas. Another way to get at some of this is by looking at Census benefits or irs migration data. Conclusion There are only so many regions that have the technical clout to satisfy Amazons intense demand. But if the multitude of analyses on where Amazon should go are proof of anything, its that most regions on the list have a story to tell. And that story is easier to tell with compelling, and sometimes unique, data like we showed in this piece. For help on preparing data-driven, micro, and multivariate analysis that Amazon is expecting in response to its proposal, please contact us for a consultation on how we can position your city as the right city for the next Amazon. To learn more about any of these data metrics or reports, or to learn more about Emsi, email Josh Wright or call. More on Emsi data can be found here). I help companies solve technical challenges and meet their business objectives. I am a technology professional with a broad range of experience. I have a deep understanding of internet particularly web-based systems.

talent development resume

Talent, development, manager, resume, sample

Note that other cs-related grads can come from coding bootcamps that arent captured with writing this data. Warrensburg, missouri, shows up highly because of the emergence of University of Central Missouris computer science program. Talent Attraction and Retention Validating that you have an educational pipeline only takes you so far. A natural, and fair, question after showing your educational pipeline is, how many of these graduating students is your city retaining? And further, are you attracting other skilled talent? We took the same resumé/social profile data that we used in the above supply and demand of skills section and mapped where graduates of local institutions in the top 10 metros wind. The expansive new York msa retains 40 of graduates from local colleges and universities.

talent development resume

Talent, development, manager, resume, samples

In comparison, the same 48-an-hour wage would capture 42 of the software engineers in New York (37,507 an immense labor pool that explains in part why its positioned near the top of our index. Exact MatchExact Match of TotalSimilar skillsetSimilar skillset of Total San Jose-sunnyvale-santa Clara, ca 12,930 19 19,915 22 San Francisco-oakland-hayward, ca 13,391 24 24,014 30 Austin-round Rock, tx 8,874 46 17,371 56 New York-newark-jersey city, ny-nj-pa 37,507 42 61,661 45 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, tx 14,982 41 32,853. For more on this, contact. Educational Pipeline Amazon is going to locate add in a metro with a strong university system. Whether thats University of Texas in Austin or mit in Boston, most of the major players are well known. But whats less well known is the output of software or management talent that those universities, and other colleges, are producing. This is where data from the national Center for Education Statistics comes in handy. And where comparing that output to estimated demand, either with job postings or annual openings that look at new and replacement jobs, can be valuable. Here are the metros that rank the highest for output of computer science graduates the last three years.

Amazon listed an average salary of 100,000 for the jobs it will fill in its second. Using roughly that comp level (48 per hour we estimated how many software engineers it could expect to be available in Austin and the other top cities in our index. We did this by estimating the number of developers at each point along the wage curve and finding workers with compatible skills. Austin has nearly 8,900 software engineers (software developers, applications, and software developers, systems software) who could be available at 48 per hour. Yet if Amazon paid 60 an hour, a reasonable expectation for software talent, it could tap into 14,000 software engineers, or 60 of the total software development pool in Austin. In Austin, the number of available workers with a similar skillset (i.e., they work in occupation at 95 and above in our compatibility index) balloons to over 17,000 at 48 per hour. What about the availability of software engineers among other top contenders and tech metros? As the below table shows, austin has the smallest available labor pool among the top seven in our index (and seattle, which we included for comparison). Denver is the next smallest.

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talent development resume

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We took the 50 most-listed skills in Amazons seattle job ads for software and it positions, from java to c, and cross-referenced them with the skills that show up for those same positions in major metros using Emsis resumé/social profile database. This allows us to get two perspectives on skills—those Amazon has requested (demand) and those that workers list on their resumés and social profiles (supply). Among the top 10 metros in our Amazon Talent Index, san Francisco has the highest occurrence of the top skills, with 33 of the top. Austin, denver, and Boston are next,. Theres not much separation among the top 10; Raleigh has the lower number,. Msaskills in Common to Amazon's Top skills in seattle.

San Francisco-oakland-hayward, ca about 33, austin-round Rock, tx 29, denver-Aurora-lakewood, co 29, boston-Cambridge-newton, ma-nh 29, new York-newark-jersey city, ny-nj-pa 28, dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, tx 28, los Angeles-Long beach-Anaheim,. San Jose-sunnyvale-santa Clara, ca 27, atlanta-sandy Springs-Roswell, ga 27, raleigh, nc 24, interested in seeing this for your area? Contact us for your metro or regions skills gap. Workforce availability and Sustainability Its one thing to have a healthy number of workers in the core occupations that Amazon is targeting. Its another thing to be able to indicate that you have the workers available in a broader skill set, and that your citys workforce is sustainable. Last month, Emsi introduced a workforce availability report that allows you to visualize the available workforce at a given level of compensation.

The first is labor-focused: 20-2016 job change, and 2016 concentration of tech/it occupations, software occupations, and management, accounting, legal, and administrative occupations. The second is community-focused: millennial population share and growth, bachelors-and-above educational attainment share and growth, and C2ER cost of living. Other Relevant Data for your HQ2 Proposal. Beyond what weve provided for this macro index, there are other relevant data that we suggest economic development organizations consider when drilling down into the information that will make your community stand out to Amazon. Really, they are the same things that most companies are interested in: a strong labor force, reasonable cost of labor, the right mix of skills, a robust educational pipeline for that talent, quality of life, and more.

What follows are innovative spins on some of the above metrics. The skills Gap: Comparing the supply and Demand of skills. When conducting micro analysis, we recommend looking at the skills embedded in your workforce to see how they compare to the skills that Amazon has sought in seattle, its main headquarters. This will give you a sense of how closely your workforce matches with what Amazon (and you can do this for other companies, too) is looking for. In seattle, 64 of Amazon job postings during the last year were for it-related workers, so we know they are going to emphasize tech skills. (we also know this from the rfp itself.).

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This includes total jobs, job growth, and concentration in the five occupational categories listed in its rfp: executive and management, legal, administrative, accounting, and engineering—with a focus on software development engineers. Weve also included some of the community variables that Amazon mentioned, including a well-educated labor pool (we used bachelors-and-above educational attainment for that cost of living, and share of millennials. Our index is tilted to tech talent and specifically software engineers, so its no surprise to see san Jose and San Francisco as 1-2. It would be a shock if Amazon selected the bay area because of the competition for talent, the cost of living, and tight housing supply, but there is no better place homework for existing tech talent. Most of the top 15 metros in the Amazon Talent Index, in fact, have been heavily debated by economic development junkies on Twitter and in articles on which city Amazon should or will pick. Were not saying all these metros have the infrastructure and culture that Amazon is looking for, which can dramatically impact this ranking and bring Amazons analysis down to the top three cities versus a top. (No city, as Lyman Stone argued well, is a perfect fit.) But from a labor perspective—a tech labor perspective above all—its hard to beat this group. Note: The Amazon Talent Index is a composite z-score index that ranks report metros with over one million population by two categories.

talent development resume

And bahagi tapping into a strong flow of millennials, if not members of Generation z, is vital, too. Weve combined high-level elements of labor data metrics, and other data variables, into an Amazon Talent Index to rank the. Metros that have populations of at least one million to qualify. The cities at the top—San Jose, san Francisco, austin, new York, and Dallas—are a mixed bag: some likely have no shot (i.e., the bay area and some are strong options. While many qualifying cities have the tech-saturated workforces to land Amazons HQ2, the right decision will be based on comparing markets at a micro level. In this piece, we outline a few innovative data components—some of which go beyond our macro Amazon Talent Index—that we recommend presenting in your HQ2 proposal. (And pretty much every major city has said it will respond to what must be the most-viewed rfp in history. bay area, austin, new York lead Amazon Index. Our index includes the major labor and community-flavored data points that Amazon requests.

other forms to re-activate your employment (unless prohibited by State or Federal Law). A colliers International study found Amazon consumes nearly 13 million square feet in current and projected office space in downtown seattle. Which city will be next for the retail tech giant? Amazon is going to choose a city for its second headquarters based on the availability and sustainability of labor. Theres no getting around the labor play when you plan to hire 50,000 workers. Yet the final decision for Amazon, or any firm making a site selection decision, is not just about absolute workforce numbers. Labor sustainability is as important as labor availability. A tech-savvy workforce is a must.

Accurate resource Group, Inc. Is hereby authorized to release to any other firm or person with whom I may seek employment, any and shakespeare all information concerning my application or employment. It is my understanding that this employment application, or the granting of an oral interview, does not represent a contract of employment or a promise of future benefits. I understand and agree that if hired, my employment will be at-will in nature and may be terminated, with or without cause, at any time, by either myself or Accurate resource Group, Inc. I also understand that this written statement supersedes any and all oral representations made by agents or representatives of Accurate resource Group Services, Inc. By clicking on the submit button below, i am agreeing to this release. I understand that if I have any questions, i should contact Accurate resource Group, Inc. At (508) or via the form on the contact page. Note 1: This Employment Application will be maintained in an active file for 3 months.

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In compliance with federal and state equal employment opportunity laws, applicants are considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, physical or mental disability or handicap, or any hazlitt other protected class as required by law. Also, it is unlawful in Massachusetts to require or administer a lie detector test as a condition of employment or continued employment. An employer who violates this law shall be subject to criminal penalties and civil liability. Acknowledgment, i certify that all information provided by me in support of my application for employment is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that misrepresentations or omissions may be cause for rejection, or may be cause for subsequent dismissal if i am hired. I hereby authorize any former employer, person, firm, corporation or government agency to answer any and all questions and to release or provide any information within their knowledge or records. I agree to hold any or all of them blameless and free of any liability for releasing any truthful information that is within their knowledge or records.

talent development resume
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component allows employers to save a resumé search and run it periodically to identify any new talent that fit the search criteria. management initiatives, implemented organizational development processes, and managed education, talent development, and training teams. Received the howest Talent Factory most inspirational student award (2014).

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  2. Entrepreneurial Talent Agency sacramento, ca art Direction, Graphic Designer, and Partner. Worked full time help build. the Amazon Talent Index, in fact, have been heavily debated by economic development junkies on Twitter and in articles on which city. I also have experience with embedded development on micro-controller platforms including Atmel avr, arm cortex m, and pic.

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