The ant and the grasshopper somerset maugham essay

Texto: The Ant and the Grasshopper

we can see the authors irony in describing george, the narrator seems to be mock-serious when proclaiming sympathy with him (. The contrast is skillfully employed in presenting different angles of vision of the two brothers. Throughout the whole text we dont see toms direct speech, the author describes it indirectly. I have never met anyone to whom it was more difficult to refuse a loan., he made friends easily, you could not but enjoy his society, etc. So, we can say that Tom was quite eloquent. As for george, he didnt forget about his work and talked like a layer you're not going to deny that, and you can't deny that. At the end of the story we can see georges real face, he is angry and envious ( george grew red in the face., george ramsay beat his clenched fist on the table., it's not fair, i tell you; it's not fair.

He had a small good wife, to whom he had never been unfaithful even in thought, and four daughters to whom he was the best of fathers. He made a point of saving a third of his income and his plan was to retire at fifty-five to a little house in the country where he proposed to cultivate his garden and play golf. His life was blameless., whereas Tom is portrayed as an idle, worthless, dissolute, and dishonorable rogue, charming and unscrupulous. I have never met anyone to whom it was more difficult to refuse a loan. He made a steady income from his friends and he made friends easily, for twenty years Tom raced and gambled, philandered with the prettiest girls, danced, ate in the most expensive restaurants, and dressed beautifully. He was a most amusing companion and though you knew he was perfectly worthless you could not but enjoy his society. He had high spirits, an unfailing gaiety and incredible charm. I never grudged the contributions he regularly levied on me for the necessities of his existence. I never lent him fifty pounds without feeling that I was in his debt. Tom Ramsay knew everyone and everyone knew Tom Ramsay. You could not approve of him, but you could not help liking him.

the ant and the grasshopper somerset maugham essay

The Ant and the Grasshopper

He left his wife and his office. anaphora initial repetition ( he ) make the rhythm and style of narration muscular, energetic, pulsating. The whole story is built on contrast as means of foregrounding. The writer opposes the characters of the two brothers. George is considered respectable, hardworking, decent, respectable, and straightforward, poor george, only a year essay older than his scapegrace brother, looked sixty. He had never taken more than a fortnight's holiday in the year for a quarter of a century. He was in his office every morning at nine-thirty and never left it till six. He was honest, industrious and worthy.

the ant and the grasshopper somerset maugham essay

The Ant and the Grasshopper - wikipedia

The narrative structure of the story is framing, the beginning and the end of the story coincide. It contributes to the integrity, compactness and completeness of the text. The exposition is practically blending into the rising action (3rd paragraph such stylistic devices as hyperbole ( as though the burden of the whole world sat on his shoulders ) and litotes im not in hilarious spirits ) and priority implication he sighed. Yes, its Tom again ) plunge the reader into the events and support the interest to the very end. The reader starts wondering who is Tom and what he did (narrative hook). The choice of short simple sentences (. He wanted to enjoy himself. He would listen to no expostulations.

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the ant and the grasshopper somerset maugham essay

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The ant spends the whole summer gathering its winter store, while the grasshopper sits on a blade of grass singing to the sun. Winter comes and the ant is comfortably provided for, but the grasshopper has an empty larder: he goes to the ant and begs for a little food. The ant asks what the grasshopper was doing all summer. And gets the answer: saving your presence, i sang, i sang all day, all night. So, the ant replies: you sang. Why, then go and dance.

Such an introduction supports the title, develops and strengthens the intertextual connections between the pretext and the present text. Maughams, the Ant and the Grasshopper is a story about 2 brothers who has rather different lifestyles. They are the representation of ant and the grasshopper of la fontaines fable. Tom (the grasshopper) takes life easy while george (the ant) works hard, takes no joy and in turn gains very little happiness from paper life and at the end Tom, with all his faults, is the lucky one; while george with all his virtues ends dull. In this story the author uses the retardation of the exposition, it helps to create tension.

Nonetheless, this is not a classical story with a traditional ending. The end of it is really funny. It may be said that the writer wanted to emphasize the fact that Tom had achieved everything and it was out of the blue. In addition, it might be pointed out that the writer is criticizing the coherence between george s principles and the way he acted when his brother obtained the fortune. William Somerset maugham, the text under analysis is a short story belonging to the pen of popular British writer, william Somerset maugham.

For nearly fifty years he produced a stream of novels, short stories, and reminiscences, as well as a number of plays of less merit than his nondramatic work. He has been described as a major literary craftsman of the century, and his work reflects his high regard for clarity, lucidity and simplicity of style. His most famous novels are. Of Human Bondage, the moon and Sixpence and, theatre. The title of the story, the Ant and the Grasshopper, is quite predictable, it alludes to the well-known fable of la fontaine which has the same title. Maugham uses the fable to introduce his story of the ramsay brothers, the readers expectations from the development of the plot are already determined to a certain extent. The author recalls his childhood and how he learnt certain of the fables of la fontaine by heart back then (flashback). One of them was. The Ant and the Grasshopper, its an inner story and its similar to the story of Tom and is fable teaches the useful lesson that in an imperfect world industry is rewarded and giddiness punished.

somerset maugham s The Ant and the Grasshopper : The literary

He is a very nice and charming person, but he is constantly cheating on his brother and all his friends. Moreover, he has a lot of faults and he is always looking for luxuries. For twenty years Tom raced and gambled, philandered with the prettiest girls, danced, ate in the most expensive restaurants, and dressed beautifully. He always looked writing as if he had just stepped out of a bandbox. Though he was forty-six you would never have taken him for more than thirty-five. It might be safely said that the villain of this story is Tom, the bad man, the person who has got everything that he desires by taking the easy way. And according to the fable he deserves a bad end or at least any that is not good enough.

the ant and the grasshopper somerset maugham essay

One of these exceptions is described in the fable called The Ant and the Grasshopper which is about george and Tom s experiences. In this case, the ant is george and the grasshopper is Tom. One of them, george, chose the part of being essay a responsible and sensitive person. It is he who has been working a lot for getting a special retirement for the end of his life. Moreover, he has been helping his brother in all his whims. He is a role model for everyone. On the other hand, tom is this kind of person who decides to live his life in order to satisfy his own wishes.

make readers see the theme concretely. In my opinion, it can infer that life is not fair and that anything can happen. We should both prepare for the days of necessity and do what we feel like to right now in a balance way. T prepare earlier we would suffer in the end, and if we don? T do what we feel like to do right now we would regret when it is time that we couldn? T do it anymore or when it is too late to. There are some beliefs that everyone gets in their whole life, what they deserve, and it is based upon common sense. However, there are exceptions for each rule or statement in the existence.

While his idle brother get everything his old wife had as she leaves him a massive fortune at her death. The main theme of this short story is to compare and contrast the story to the fable and explain the reason behind the differences.?It is the best to prepare for the days of necessity? In the fable and? It?s the best to do what you feel like to right now? The main irony is that in the end Tom, an idle, worthless, dissolute, and dishonourable rogue gets everything his old wife had after she died. While his older brother, who had been hardworking, decent, respectable, and straightforward you gentleman gets nothing besides continue working. The main irony clearly illustrates the main theme to readers.

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Please download to view,.?The Ant and the Grasshopper? By somerset maugham, the narrator (i, in the story) told us the fable? The Ant and the Grasshopper? That he has heard when he was a child. Then he links this fable with the story of his friend, george interests ramsay and his only younger brother, tom Ramsay. In the fable, the Grasshopper who spent the warm months singing away while the ant worked to store up food for winter. When the winter did come, the famished grasshopper had to beg for food from the ant, who told the grasshopper that since he sang away the summer, he could dance away the winter. In contrast, george who has been hardworking get nothing, only left with a paltry pension to show for his lifetime commitment and industriousness.

the ant and the grasshopper somerset maugham essay
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  3. Somerset maugham the luncheon I caught sight of her at the play and in answer to her beckoning I went over. The ant and the grasshopper - maugham.

  4. " The Ant and the Grasshopper " is a fabulous short story written by william Somerset maugham. By somerset maugham, the narrator (i, in the story) told us the fable? Ant and the grasshopper in arabic. Maugham the ant and the grasshopper.

  5. The ant and the grasshopper -. Somerset maugham short story. "The luncheon" by w somerset maugham.

  6. Somerset, maugham, the, ant and the, grasshopper. Somerset, maugham 003/154 The moon and Sixpence. Somerset, maugham short story the ant and the, grasshopper " we are introduced to the two main characters as referring to them as george and Tom.

  7. The, ant and, the, grasshopper. Back to our Information PageDownload: epub, pdf, mp3. They are the representation of ant and the grasshopper of la fontaines fable.

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