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Looking back at the 1930s, he said, Anybody who tells you he was active in progressive causes in those days and never worked with the reds is a goddamn liar. Their platform stood for all the right things, and unlike many liberals, they were willing to put their bodies on the line. A man of exceptional charm Rodhams thesis describes trying to pin him down on his personal philosophy: Alinsky, cringing at the use of labels, ruefully admitted that he might be called an existentialist, she wrote. Rodham tried to ask him about his moral relativism — particular ends, he said, often do justify the means — but Alinsky would only concede that idealism can parallel self-interest. In her paper, she accepted Alinsky's view that the problem of the poor isn't so much a lack of money as a lack of power, as well as his view of federal anti-poverty programs as ineffective. (to alinsky, the war on poverty was a prize piece of political pornography, even though some of its funds flowed through his organizations.) A cycle of dependency has been created, she wrote, which ensnares its victims into resignation and apathy. In formal academic language, rodham offered a perspective or muted critique on Alinsky's methods, sometimes leaving unclear whether she was"ng his critics or stating her own opinion.

When Rodham returned to wellesley for her senior year and began scouting for a topic for her honors thesis, professor Schechter suggested she look up Alinsky again. She interviewed him in Chicago, in Boston and when he accepted her invitation to visit Wellesley. Rodham opened the thesis by casting Alinsky as he cast himself, in a peculiarly American tradition of democrats, from Thomas paine through Martin Luther King. Democracy is still a radical idea, she wrote, in a world sheets where we often confuse images with realities, words with actions. And yet, she continued, much of what Alinsky professes does not sound radical. His are the words used in our schools and churches, by our parents and their friends, by our peers. The difference is that Alinsky really believes in them and recognizes the necessity of changing the present structures of our lives in order to realize them. Although some Clinton biographers have been quick to label Alinsky a communist, he maintained that he never joined thesis the communist Party. I've never joined any organization — not even the ones i've organized myself, he said in a 1972 interview with Playboy magazine. He said he was happy to work with anyone — the roman Catholic Church, black Protestants, the communists — whoever would invite him into a neighborhood.

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One of his threatened actions, to unsettle the upper-crust audience at the rochester symphony, was to have protesters buy 300 to 400 tickets, but first to gather for a big baked-bean dinner. He called the idea a "fart-in." It never happened, according to biographer Sanford. Horwitt, though Alinsky loved to tell the story as if it had. But Alinsky was no mere showman. He was a sometimes brutal seeker paper of power for others, schooling radicals with maxims such as "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize.". A methodist field trip, the teenage rodham and the 60-year-old Alinsky met, of all places, on a methodist church outing. Her youth minister, don Jones, was introducing the youth of white, comfortable park ridge to social action. His "University of Life" took them to poor black and Hispanic churches, to hear Martin Luther King and to meet Alinsky.

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By her junior year, she had to be talked by her professor into taking an internship with Rep. Ford and the house republican caucus. In her senior year, she was campaigning for the anti-war Democrat Eugene McCarthy. "I sometimes think that I didn't leave the republican Party she has written, "as much as it left.". Elected president of the wellesley student government, she worked closely with the administration to increase black enrollment, to relax rules on curfews for the wellesley girls and to give students more freedom in choosing their courses. Saul david Alinsky would have thought that tame stuff. The old Jewish radical was famous as a community organizer from Chicago's Back of the yards, the home of stockyard workers made famous by Upton Sinclair's "The jungle." From the late 1930s until his death in 1972, Alinsky crisscrossed the country, stirring the have-nots —. The hell-raiser's witty provocations were famous.

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The confident young student took her thesis title — there Is Only the fight. Eliot: "There is only the fight to recover what has been lost and found and lost again and again.". She began with a feminist jab at the clichés of male authors: "Although I have no loving wife to thank for keeping the children away while i wrote, i do have many friends and teachers who have contributed to the process of thesis-writing. She thanks particularly. Alinsky for providing a topic, sharing his time and offering me a job. Hillary diane rodham already had covered a great deal of ideological territory pay when she sat down to assess Alinsky's tactics.

Other political news of note, animated boehner: 'There's nothing complex about the keystone pipeline!'. House Speaker John boehner became animated tuesday over the proposed keystone pipeline, castigating the Obama administration for not having approved the project yet. Budget deficits shrinking but set to grow after 2015. Senate readies another volley on unemployment aid. Obama faces Syria standstill, fluke files to run in California. She grew up as a goldwater Republican, like her father, in the middle-class Chicago suburb of Park ridge. By the time she was a freshman at Wellesley, when she was elected president of the college republicans, her concern with civil rights and the war in vietnam put her closer to the moderate-liberal wing of the gop led by nelson Rockefeller.

Under Wellesley's rule, clinton's thesis became available to researchers again when the Clintons left the White house in 2001 — available only to those who visit the wellesley archives. But few have made the trip, and the document's allure continued to grow. A purloined copy was offered for sale on ebay in 2001, then withdrawn when Clinton's staff cited copyright law. Bill o'reilly waved a few pages on Fox tv in 2003, chiding Wellesley for hiding Clinton's analysis of a "far left" activist. Peggy noonan, the former reagan speechwriter writing in The wall Street journal in 2005, decried the continued suppression of "the rosetta Stone of Hillary studies.". Just last month, an anonymous commentator lamented on the conservative web site Free republic, "She's a marxist.

I sure wish we could unearth that sealed thesis of hers that she wrote at Wellesley.". No appointment is necessary for such spade work. A visitor to the wellesley campus is buzzed in to the wood-paneled archives, but only after storing coat and briefcase in a locker outside. Pencils are allowed for note taking — no pens, which might mar the document. Readers can copy only a few pages. The wellesley archivist, wilma. Slaight, respectfully presents a photocopy of the typewritten manuscript in a black binder, cushioning it on green foam pads so as not to stress the leather. "Democracy is still a radical idea".

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Just as conservative authors have speculated, it was the Clintons who asked Wellesley in 1993 to hide hillary rodham's senior thesis from the first generation of Clinton biographers, according to her thesis adviser and friend, professor Alan. Schechter, who describes taking the call from the White house. See sidebar: "A stupid political decision. wellesley's president, nannerl overholser keohane, approved a broad rule good with a specific application: The senior thesis of every wellesley alumna is available in the college archives for anyone to read - except for those written by either a "president or first lady of the United. So far, that action has sealed precisely one document: Hillary rodhams senior honors thesis in political science, entitled " There Is Only the fight.: An Analysis of the Alinsky model.". Alinsky's daughter, many authors on the long shelf of unsympathetic Clinton biographies have envisioned the thesis as evidence of Marxist or socialist views held by young Hillary — or conversely as proof of her political agnosticism, a lack of any ideology besides a brutal willingness. David Brock, in his 1996 biography, "The seduction of Hillary rodham called her "Alinsky's daughter.". Barbara Olson, the conservative lawyer and commentator, used an Alinsky" to open every chapter of her 1999 book, "Hell to pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary rodham Clinton." Olson, who died in the sept. 11 terror attacks, had charged in her book that the thesis was locked away because Clinton "does not want the American people to know the extent to which she internalized and assimilated the beliefs and methods of saul Alinsky.".

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Alinsky, have gained mythic status among her critics — a rosetta Stone, in the words of george one, that would allow readers to decode the thinking of the former first lady and 2008 presidential candidate. Despite the fervent interest in the thesis, few realize that it is no longer kept under lock and key. As m found, it is available to anyone who visits the archive room of the prestigious womens college outside boston. With Clintons opponents in the 2008 presidential race looking for the next Swift boat attack ad, and the senator herself trying to cast off her liberal image, clinton's 92-page thesis is certain to be read and reread by opposition researchers and reporters visiting the campus. But can an academic paper from nearly 40 years ago really unlock the politics and character of any former student, much less the early democratic front-runner for the White house? This is your chance to decide before the political spin machines get their hands. Before reading Hillary rodham's assessment of the old radical from Chicago — alinsky's compelling personality, his exceptional charm, and the limitations of his anachronistic tactics — its important to understand how the document was sealed and how it has been portrayed.

Thoughts: The illustration essay topic has to be interesting. The topic should be broad enough to write and include examples. Assure it that it is not too narrow to write an essay. — the senior thesis of Hillary. Rodham, wellesley college class of 1969, has been speculated about, spun, analyzed, debated, criticized and defended. But rarely has it been read, because for the eight years of Bill Clintons presidency it was locked away. As forbidden fruit, the writings of a 21-year-old college senior, examining the tactics of radical community organizer saul.

It has to be broad enough to include enough examples. Illustration Essay topics Sample : Organizational Behavior and Demotivation. The media and the Framing of Crime. The Problems of the self in a postmodern Context. Lesson Strategies, the mobile-Phone market and Assessing Risk. College Is Important, how Effective organizational Communication Can Reduce the backlash. Youth Crime and Punishment, examples Of Illustration Essays twist : The examples could be longer or shorter and brief.

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