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Thus if a problem is assigned on Wednesday during lab, it is due the next Wednesday lab, at the beginning of the lab - not 20 minutes into the class, not at the end of class, but at the beginning of class only. It is unacceptable to come into class, and work (or copy) your late homework during class, and then ask to be re-taught the material we just covered. If you come to class late (peace be upon your soul, because you will get none from me) turn in your homework before you sit down. Otherwise it will be marked late and is worth half credit. Homework is expected to be turned in on time. Consideration will be given only if you have died, in which case your heirs can turn in the work for half credit. The following are not permissible excuses in industry, nor are they permissible in this class. Standard answers to common questions are listed below (in parentheses) so that you will not have to waste your time asking them: I had some work to do in another class.

Solution: Present your solution in a methodical and london logical manner including all steps and calculations necessary to obtain the answers. All quizzes and other papers submitted. Must adhere weeks to the following: you must write neatly, legibly, and large enough for me to read. Work written so small that my pet ant cannot read it without his glasses will be marked "Unacceptable by professional standards" and returned with little or no credit. This includes major quizzes (especially major quizzes) as well as all other work. You must present your work in a logical manner so that I can follow what you are trying. At this level of your career, hen-scratching little thoughts and tidbits all over the page is unacceptable. If I cannot easily follow your logic, i cannot and will not attempt to grade your work. I will simply assign it a random grade between 20 and 25, and let you try and figure out where and why you lost the points. All homework is due one week from the day assigned.

homework on desk

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The assignment number, or problem identification must also be included on the first sheet. Do not put the date the problem was assigned on the paper - only put the date the problem is due and handed. Problem: give the problem number. Given: State mom all that is known about the problem. Include any sketches or other specifications when necessary. You do not have to repeat large figures or paragraph after paragraph of information from the book problem statement, but you must include enough information so we can tell what problem you are working. Required: State what you intend to find in the problem. Be specific and concise.

homework on desk

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Plain blank paper is acceptable. Work done on paper torn out of spiral notebooks is unacceptable, except in the case of pop quizzes. All work must be presented on one side of the paper only. Work presented on the back side of your paper will not be graded. All work should be legible and neat. Show all of your work. You will receive partial credit for problems where you have most of the problem correct but have made some minor error, if I can determine where you made the error. If you do not show your work, i have no choice but to count the entire problem as incorrect. The following format should be used for all problems solved in this course: your name, course, section number, and date due essays must be at the top of each page, along with the page number and the total number of pages in the assignment.

often the note:  "Unacceptable by Engineering Standards - grade 0"  is appropriate. l3, as an engineer and a professional, your work will often be read and scrutinized by others. In some instances, it could turn into a legal document or a piece of evidence in a court of law. It is your responsibility that the work you turn in is presented in a legible, methodical, and logical manner. The following format is required in this course, not to punish you or force you to do something you may consider a waste of time. It is required to get you in the habit of presenting your work in a professional manner. Your work should be prepared on 8-1/2" x 11" paper. You are not required to use engineering paper. .

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homework on desk

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In fact, a lot of the effort goes into prodding the. Unconscious to do the work. But there are tricks to doing this, and it helps if one understands the Unconscious. Information Regarding Exams, quizzes, and Homework. Last year I got the following email from the teaching associate. My reply to him is good for the next 60 years that I teach this course:.

Lowery: please send an email message to the students reminding management them to follow the homework format as outlined on the course syllabus (see below). thanks, richard Hoffpauir, my reply was: richard: if any plan student does not follow the format on the syllabus just return the problem with a zero. they will get the idea soon enough. I understand that several of our students don't have any arms, having lost them in auto accidents. This is why they write holding their pencil with their teeth which is why you cannot read their writing or follow their logic. Just put a short note on the paper stating what syllabus directive was violated, put a zero on it, and hand it back.

People who do well on homework are not necessarily simply smarter; they often have self-management skills that others lack. And like other skills, these self-management skills are learnable, by frequent practice. And step one is, eyes on the moon. We are primates, so about 90 of us have vision as our dominant sense. We are good with pictures, less so with formulas.

But nearly 10 of us are primarily auditory, and such people are not as good with pictures, but often better with formulas. And there are a few of us whose dominant sense is tactile/kinesthetic: such people rely on motions to work things out. It is important to learn what one's own orientation is, for that will indicate how one would best learn things. (Note that most people are probably mixtures.) It should also be noted that teachers tend to teach to people like themselves, so that visual teachers will tend to rely on pictures, auditory teachers on formulas, and tactile/kinesthetic teachers on gestures. In a class, one sometimes has to orient onesself to a teacher who has different dominances than onesself. Finally, when one is working on a hard problem, one is not doing all the work consciously.

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By getting in the habit of writing down positive things (so that pdf you are aware of them) and your worries (so that review they are more clearly identified you can actually become more positive. For more on this, see the page on attitude. And your attitude towards homework influences how much time and effort you spend thinking about homework, as opposed to thinking about thinking about. If you are sitting at a desk, gazing at a piece of paper, you may be thinking about the shortest path from point A to point B bouncing off a mirror. M, or you may be thinking about thinking about the shortest path, or you may be worrying about your inability to concentrate on the shortest path, or you may be doodling short paths, etc. The point is that the only constructive thought process is the first one: only by actually thinking about the shortest path itself will you figure out what the shortest path. The other thought processes are merely distracting or even demoralizing. For more on thinking about the shortest path, rather than on scenic routes, see the page about states of consciousness. There is more to concentrating on homework than sheer willpower.

homework on desk

So we day want to concentrate on thinking about the mathematics, not on how much fun we'll have after finishing the mathematics, or how we do not seem to be actually finishing the mathematics. There are two aspects to thinking about thinking about thinking. If you have a positive attitude, you can accomplish more. This is not just a sentiment. Psychologists do measure optimism and pessimism and compare what optimists accomplish to what pessimists accomplish. Optimists live longer, have fewer accidents, publish more papers, and are more frequently elected to public office. Moreover, optimism is not something out of your control, or controllable only by pharmaceuticals.

Reverie can be useful in visualization techniques, but just lying back and fantasizing is a recreational (in)activity, not work. Listening to the monster. We've all heard that we shouldn't get discouraged when things get tough, but there's more to it than that. We indulge - there is no better word for it - in gratuitous self-criticism. We imagine that we will never get over the current toughness, that we were never any good at mathematics anyway, and that we should give. I will discuss this monster in more detail in my page on attitude, but for the moment, let's just observe that this sort of thinking does not help at all.

A to a point, b that bounces off a mirror, m, you might be thinking about straight lines, points, and writing maybe the pythagorean distance formula. If you are thinking about thinking about a homework problem on, say, the shortest path, you might be thinking about how hard the problem is, how little progress you are making, what will happen if you can't solve it, and maybe what your inability. If you spend all your time thinking about thinking about the homework, the homework never gets done, and you get discouraged about this homework and perhaps more easily discouraged about future mathematics homework. To do homework problems, you should focus on the problems themselves, not on yourself working on the problems. There are several kinds of thinking about thinking about something (when you should be thinking directly about that something). Reverie, or just daydreaming. We all do this, but if we spend more than a few minutes on it, it can consume a lot of time.

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Sometimes, doing homework can be like pointing at the moon. There is a, zen koan or enlightening story, of the sixth Patriarch huineng. Huineng pointed at the moon, and said that the word moon figuratively points at the moon, just as his finger was literally pointing at the moon. The word moon is not the moon, any more than his finger was the moon. So what does help homework have to do with pointing at the moon? When you are working on a homework problem, you are thinking. Now comes the zen part: are you thinking about the homework problem or are you thinking about thinking about the homework problem? If you are thinking about a homework problem on, say, the shortest path from a point.

homework on desk
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I like to tidy my desk when I do my homework. At home i study on my desk, and it s very very messy!

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  1. All Jewelry jewelry boxes. Valentine s day tabletop. Shop Our Family of Brands. So we put a homework desk on yo treadmill so you can do nothing while you go nowhere.

  2. Every time she got stuck, she flipped over a wooden dowel that was standing on her desk ; the dowel was taped. During a typical term, more than 600 students ask for help with their homework. My students have horse homework folders that they turn in to me every morning.there are no loose papers in their desk. (Usually those loose papers end up being homework pages.

  3. All homework is due one week from the day assigned. Some students try to slip past these rules by putting their late homework on my desk, as if it just appeared there by magic. Sophomore lyla roemen was in the fenton Hall mathematics library recently to get help with Calculus 251 homework.

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