Summary of book the girl on the train

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Chapter 17: little faithful, beth goes to visit the poor Hummel family to bring them food and supplies. Upon her visit she discovers that the baby is very ill and takes care of it while the older sister rests. While watching the child, it dies. The doctor is called and announces that the baby died of scarlet fever. He tells Beth to go home at once and take medication. Beth returns and is confined to bed, Amy is sent to aunt March's house because of the fear of her contracting the fever. Amy does not wish to go but laurie promises to visit her everyday.

Laurie tells jo that her sister Meg has given one of her gloves to his tutor,. Jo is angry that her sister would do such a thing and she becomes very upset at the thought of Meg having a boyfriend. Jo fears that Meg will be taken away from the family and is in a mood for several days. Chapter 15: a telegram, the march family receives a telegram that. March is seriously ill. March decides to leave at once to be by his side. Old man laurence wishes to offer himself as Mrs. March's escort but because of his advanced age he offers laurie's tutor,. Jo goes and has her hair cut off and sold so that she can provide the family with.00. Each of the little women write a letter to their mother.

summary of book the girl on the train

Girl on the, train: by paula hawkins, summary

The girls explain to laurie about Delectable mountain and the celestial City. Each of the children talk about what their dream castle would look like and how their dream lives would. Laurie and Meg get into a small argument because laurie insists that he does not need to go to college for as his grandfather insists. Meg believes that he should obey his grandfather. The two resolve their quarrel and then all the girls decide that laurie can be a member of the busy bee society. Chapter 14: secrets, jo goes into town to see the dentist and runs into laurie. The two of them decide to tell secrets. Jo tells laurie that she has given two of her stories to the newspaper and is waiting to hear whether or not they will be printed.

summary of book the girl on the train

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Pip, the gpa pet canary is discovered dead by beth. All gather for the burial. Jo cooks a terrible dinner but everyone tries to be polite. Chapter 12: camp laurence, laurence invites the girls to go camping with him and some of his English friends. The children enjoy a few nights in the forest. Chapter 13: castles in the air. The girls head off to the forest dressed in large hats to play pilgrims Progress. Laurie seems them and follows.

When Meg returns home she confesses to her mother that she was made to look foolish and that many gossipy things were said about her and her family. March tells Meg to never mind the gossip and to be true to herself by not pretending to be something that she is not. Chapter 10: the. The reader learns of the secret society which the girls have contrived. The pickwick Club was a literary club formed by the four girls in their play. It featured a newsletter containing writings of the girls. Each girl assumed a separate identity, meg was Samuel Pickwick, jo was Augustus Snodgrass, beth was Tracy tupman, and Amy was Nathaniel Winkle. Chapter 11: experiments, the girls decide to take a break from their work and try to experiment with laziness. The house falls into disrepair and the girls find being lazy, boring.

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summary of book the girl on the train

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As jo leaves Amy swears revenge on her. Upon arriving home jo learns that Amy has burned a book that she has been working on for many years. Jo is so hurt and crushed that she cannot ever forgive amy. The next day jo and laurie go skating and Amy follows behind them in the hopes of telling her resume sister how sorry she. As jo and laurie are racing on the ice, amy slips through and laurie rescues her. Jo feels terrible for not forgiving her sister sooner and the two sisters make. Jo and her mother discuss their tempers and jo vows to try to control hers more.

Chapter 9: meg goes to vanity fair. Meg leaves the family for a fortnight and stays with the moffats. While staying with these girls Meg is introduced into the life of a young lady. She attends dinners, goes to the theater and trys on many new airs. Meg, however, is ashamed that her family is poor and that she cannot afford a new dress like the other girls. The moffats dress Meg up for a ball and Meg places herself on display. Laurie attends the party and is not pleased with Meg's appearance or behavior.

From this point on Beth and. Lawrence shared a special bond. Chapter 7: amy's valley of humiliation. Amy explains to her sisters that she is deeply in debt with her classmates. It seems that a popular pastime of Amy and her classmates is the trading of pickled limes and Amy has not been able to provide her fair share. Meg gives Amy some money to purchase limes and Amy proudly announces to her classmates that she has 24 limes.

After refusing to share her limes with the young Jenny Snow, Amy's secret stash of limes is discovered. Davis and she is punished before the class. March learns that her youngest daughter was smacked with a ruler and humiliated in front of the class she sends jo with a note. Davis and decides that Amy will be taught at home. Laurie gives Beth a great compliment on her piano abilities. Chapter 8: jo meets apollyon, laurie invites jo and Meg to watch. The seven Castles of the diamond lake and Amy wishes to come along. Jo is angered and annoyed at Amy and tells her that she cannot come.

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Laurence speaks privately with plan Mrs. March about the possibility of Beth visiting the house and playing the piano, alone and undisturbed. Eventually beth is able to visit the house and plays wonderful music for all to hear. In gratitude for. Laurence's generosity she makes him a pair of slippers. Touched by her sincerity,. Laurence gives Beth a small thank piano which once belonged to his deceased granddaughter.

summary of book the girl on the train

Finally, amy simply wishes that her nose was less flat. The narrator also for shares that Meg was Amy's close friend and mother, while beth and jo were equally as close. Chapter 5: being neighborly, jo can barely stand still and wishes to go next door and visit laurie. She feels terrible that she has such wonderful sisters to keep her company and that laurie has no one. She ventures next door in order to read to the sick laurie but ends up talking with him for hours. She tells him all about her sisters and the adventurous things they do, she wishes that he could join in their fun. Chapter 6: beth finds the place beautiful. The girls spend much time over at the laurence's home. Beth, however, fearing old man laurence refuses to visit.

party and share their experiences with their sisters. Chapter 4: burdens, in this chapter, the reader learns a great deal about each of the personalities of the little women. The narrator tells the reader that. March lost his property while trying to help an unfortunate friend and because of this, meg and jo had found work outside the home to help support the family. Meg spends her days teaching small children as a governess, but could not help but yearn for a life in which she could go to parties, concerts, and spend her time in gossip. Jo spends time reading and caring for her Aunt March and wished that she could read all the books in her Aunt's library. Beth, the shy one, wishes that she could spent more time playing the piano instead of doing housework.

Chapter 2: a merry christmas, the girls wake early on Christmas morning to discover that their make mother has placed a different colored book under each of their pillows. They prepare breakfast and then sacrifice it to another family in need down the street. The girls then give marmee her gifts and perform a play, operatic Tradegy. Dinner comes as a surprise to the girls when they learn that old. Laurence has provided them with ice cream, bonbons, and flowers. Chapter 3: the laurence boy. Jo and Meg attend a new year's eve party at Mrs. There is much commotion getting the two girls ready as they try to make the best of their old dresses and gloves. Jo tries to curl Meg's hair but only burns the ends off in a great tragedy.

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Little women, louisa may alcott: Chapter Summary. Part one: chapter 1: playing pilgrims, in this, the opening chapter, the reader meets the four main characters, meg, jo, beth, and Amy. The book girls are trying to decide what to get each other for Christmas. This year, however, their father is away at war and funds are limited. The girls finally decide that they will each by a gift for Marmee instead of a gift for themselves. When Marmee returns home, the girls learn that she has received a letter from their father. The girls and their mother gather in front of the fire and read the letter.

summary of book the girl on the train
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In chapters 1-3, solomon writes of the courtship and engagement of the beloved (Solomon) and the lover (Shulammite girl my beloved responded. Her second novel, Into the water, was released in is practical and insightful reading guide offers a complete summary and analysis of The girl on the Train. Pedro páramo by juan Rulfo (book analysis).

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  1. Little women opens on the lives of the four March girls just as the two youngest are entering adolescence. Songs Summary by jay smith. The book of Song of Solomon is a large love poem filled with smaller poems of different kinds.

  2. Book 1, Chapter 2: "The mail" Summary : On a misty Friday night in november, a mail-coach lumbers up a hill on the road to dover. The main character of this book is a seventeen-year-old, seven-month pregnant girl named novalee. Little women: free book notes / study guide.

  3. Let's read this summary. From writing on walls and building a yurt to being buried alive on the beach and discovering a mysterious binder that once belonged to his late father, kip encounters a world where, downstairs, anything goes, girls rule, and ideas abound, and upstairs,. Chapter 2: a merry christmas the girls wake early on Christmas morning to discover that their mother has placed a different colored book under each of their pillows. They prepare breakfast and then sacrifice it to another family in need down the street.

  4. Pdf - free download pdf files on the internet quickly and easily. Download: Lab Girl book summary. Filters: All doc xls pdf ppt.

  5. Summary of Part Two Three years have past by,. March is now a minister and the entire family. Pdf searches for: Lab Girl book summary.

  6. The girls have a secret society. The picwick Club was a literary formed club formed by the four girls. It featured a newsletter containing writings of the girls. That puts an end to the first part of the book.

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